Health Advisor

The Tennenbaum Institute is developing, with partial support from IBM, an online game for managing healthcare delivery – Health Advisor. Each player manages a set of clients through the healthcare system with a goal of maximizing the value of outcomes – the average health state of his or her clients divided by the costs of achieving this state. This goal is pursued by talking with agent-based clients about their health state, accessing information of the performance and costs of alternative providers, assigning clients to providers, and monitoring results. The primary objective of the Health Advisor is to support research focused on assessing the impact of information on healthcare delivery strategies and, consequently, health states and costs. A secondary objective is focused on potential applications in education, ranging from health benefit functions in enterprises to student education in medical, nursing, public health, and business schools.
Tennenbaum Institute and IBM
Rahul C. Basole, Douglas Bodner and Kristi Kirkland