Developing the Systems Engineering Experience Accelerator (SEEA) Prototype and Roadmap

Developing workforce skills in systems engineering is anticipated to be a major challenge for the Department of Defense in upcoming years. The purpose of the research project is to leverage educational technology to create a simulated approach for accelerating systems engineering competency in the workforce. Our hypothesis is that by using technology we can create a simulation that will put the learner in an experiential, emotional state, effectively compress time, and greatly accelerate the learning of a systems engineer faster than would occur naturally on the job. In this multi-university effort, Georgia Tech's role is to create detailed simulations of DoD programs, focusing on systems engineering trade-offs between technical performance, cost and schedule. The learner interacts with these simulations, makes systems engineering decisions to improve program performance, and sees the results of these decisions as the program outcomes unfold. Widespread use of this approach will likely transform the workforce development enterprise across the Department of Defense.
Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) and Defense Acquisition University (DAU)
Doug Bodner