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Business Relationship Network

Business ecosystems are characterized by large, complex, and global networks of firms, often from many different market segments, all collaborating, partnering, and competing to create and deliver new products and services. Given the rapidly increasing scale, complexity, and rate of change of business ecosystems, as well as economic and competitive pressures, CEOs and management teams are faced with the formidable task of quickly understanding the fundamental characteristics of these interfirm networks. Existing tools, however, are predominantly query- or list-centric with limited interactive, exploratory capabilities.

The Tennenbaum Institute at Georgia Tech, in conjuction with The Center for Global Enterprise, will advance the development of interactive visualization tools designed to reveal the characteristics of complex business ecosystems. These tools will enable management and analysts to explore, discover, and understand interfirm networks for an enterprise, specific market segments or countries, and the entire business ecosystem. This project will seek to transition tools developed in an academic setting to the strategic enterprise setting. The goal will be to enhance strategic decision making for CEOs and their management teams as they make the transition to globally integrated enterprises.